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  • SBR030 - 10"

Phoenician Drive EP ‘Two Coins’ out on Stolen Body Records, EXAG’ Records and Rockerill Records At the crossroads of music traditions from all around the Mediterranean and psychedelic rock, Phoenician Drive is a six piece band formed in Brussels early 2015 by percussionist Diego Moscoso who gathered musicians coming from very different musical backgrounds (flamenco, balkan, psychedelic rock’n’roll, jazz, post-punk/new wave) in order to make drums and fuzzy guitars meet with oud and Eastern percussions. In the footsteps of earlier East-West musical blendings from the 70’s like Erkin Koray or Orient Express, and under the influence of the German “kraut-rock” scene (Neu!, Can, Faust, …), Phoenician Drive searches the hypnotic trance based on distorted oriental grooves. They appeared live mostly in Brussels & Paris (Botanique, Ateliers Claus, Wiels, Atelier210, Espace B), often inviting other guest musicians to add flutes, clarinets or saxophones to the performance. Limited Edition (300) 10″ on Clear Red vinyl with screen printed sleeve. We have 120 copies for sale.



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