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  • SBR032 - LP

In what the press are already calling ‘the last sincere example of cultural exchange before brexit hits full swing’ we have an exciting release indeed. Bristol based STOLEN BODY RECORDS have teamed up with the excellent, noisy and oh so parisian HOWLIN BANANA RECORDS to bring you the mighty debut LP from french fuzz saboteurs DUSTY MUSH. Dealing exclusively in crashes, bangs and wallops, the band have pushed the tape machines they used for a string of knockout (and sellout!) Records and tapes into submission once again and turned out a killer record from it. ‘Cheap Entertainment’ is an album saturated in early Ty Segall attitude, back when he was just another cheap brat turning out as many amazing punk 45s as possible, but we’re just ballparking them for you… A killer live band who recently toured the UK with a catalogue of blown out, fun and intelligently dumb punk records, Dusty Mush stand toe to toe with anything ‘cool’ from here. “C’est bon!” As they say, “well good” as we say...



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