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  • SBR033 - LP

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Kill West delivers a sound transcending their space time coordinate, creating a style not transfixed to any area or locations. They have explored psychedelia in hazy and good vibes trips and drones. Spontaneous blues riffing and long-scale bass landscapes instantly drive you into a trance. After releasing two EP’s S/T (Drone Rock Records, 2014), Raw Desire (Drone Rock Records, 2016) and the critically acclaimed first LP ‘Smoke Beach’ (Crang Records, Echo Drug Recordings, 2015) they gained notoriety in the local scene, plus reviews from the likes of Consequence Of Sound, The New York Times and many more from all over the globe. 2017 marks the coming of a new LP. ‘Gush’ is the band ultimate love letter to rock and roll. Kill West is: Martin Valentini (guitar), Joel Menazzi (bass), Fran Beceiro (guitar and vox) and Octavio Bermejo Villarreal (drums).



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