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  • SBR036 - LP

Stolen Body Records is thrilled to announce Bristol based 3 piece Yo No Se’s debut album Soma. Mixing 70’s psych, grunge and prog to create a sound the band have been homing in for the last year and a half. We have a very limited amount of Blue moon with black splatter vinyl. Yo No Se released a 7″ on US label Greenway Records earlier in the year with the A side The Sleeper Awakes also being featured on the album. Yo No Se was formed after The Bad Joke That Ended Well and Factotum both ceased to exist. The album was recorded and mixed at Bristol’s favourite Malthouse Studios by Dominic Mitchison. The mastering was done by grunge godfather Jack Endino who recorded such masterpieces as Nirvana Bleach and Soundgarden Screaming Life. “Sprawling hardcore. joining the dots between Spaceman 3 and AC/DC punk” – Steve Lamacq “If you’re into Stoogey punk freak-outs and heavy, throat-shredding rock and roll, then this gorgeous debut should be in your sweaty palms yesterday”. – Sly Vinyl “Highly charged and hypnotic, unpredictable and fresh” – Cone Magazine “Challenging for the set of the festival, Yo No Se can only be described as sounding absolutely huge. On a big stage with the level of sound on offer, they conquer. Their grooving blasts of raucousness has a big crowd incensed, gyrating and surfing on a wave of undeniably catchiness” – Bristol Live Magazine “Totally heavy, six-legged groove machine” – Whisperin And Hollerin



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