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  • SBR039 - LP

Stolen Body Records is pleased to announce the long awaited 2nd album from the parisian angry byrds, 39th& The Nortons. The once bedroom solo project of the prolific Nick Wheeldon, leader of Os Noctàmbulos, returns with a now five piece psychedelic folk group accompanied by friends; Loik Maille of Jaromil Sabor on guitar, Fabien Gilles from Mille Colombes on drums and Martin Meilhan-Bordes & Sam Roux from the talented Bootchy Temple on bass and keys respectively. Carrying the songwriting torch of Gene Clark, the first album of the Byrds or Buffalo Springfield, The Dreamers is an album five years in the making, a case of third time lucky after the first two recording sessions were deemed not up to scratch. Much has changed since 2012's 'On Trial'. Gone is the mélange of The Seeds and Dylan's thin wild mercury sound, as well as the tales of loss and anger. For the most part this is an album of light and hope, whereas the premier album hinted at a more country influenced psychedelia The Dreamers is swimming in that Cosmic American Music of the late 1960's.



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