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  • SBR046 - LP

Following the release of their 2016 album, Amateur Pro Wrestling, The Evil Usses are set to release the 10” mini-album, Muck. Their eponymous debut saw them working with Jim Barr (Portishead/Get the Blessing) and Amateur Pro Wrestling was produced by Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich. Both records have sold out on limited edition colour splatter vinyl. Muck is due for release on April 13th 2018 and sees the Usses stretching the envelope of their playfully warped vision of sonic reality. Having met as part of the final cohort to attend the legendary (and sadly now defunct) experimental Dartington College in rural Devon, Conrad, Dan, Leon and Lorenzo played together in various other styles and permutations before forming The Evil Usses. Having arrived at a sound described by some as somewhere between Beefheart's Magic Band, Tortoise and the Cardiacs, they now find themselves embedded within Bristol's boundlessly creative BLOOM collective. If you were to ask the band what the album sounds like you are not likely to receive a straight answer. Or even the same answer from any two members for that matter. One such member has been overheard to say (off the record of course), “When I think about Muck I think about the grouse. Mucky Grouse, inspector Mucky Grouse! There have been some dodgy goings on on the moorlands. Just what they are he doesn't know yet. He’s just got a real strong feeling that something bad is about to happen. Is he just being paranoid!? His red, rubbery eyelid is blinking and pulsing frantically yet his expression remains deadpan. All this thinking and distress is too much for his little brain to handle. He finds a comfortable bush and peacefully falls asleep. When he wakes up he'll know what this has been all about. It's muck. MUCK! That's what's about to happen, and there's no escape from it this time HA HA HA HA!” What that means exactly you’ll have to decide for yourself. "Grouse is this huge, and rather joyful instrumental jazz/synth banger, that manages to sit back and luxuriate in its own gravelly synth glory, before upping the tempo and bringing the psych funk into play."- Backseat Mafia "Seriously, this band can do no wrong. The cohesiveness of the ideas, the unstoppable nature of the band and that rare feeling you have when four clearly gifted but diverse musicians with different dynamics gather to unleash magic all go towards an enviable body of work."- Freq 7/10- Louder Than War Magazine "What a heavenly racket! This one is for the prog lovers who are pure of heart"- Soundblab Alternative Music



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