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  • SBR048 - LP

Agarimo is the current project of Bristol based Spanish born brothers Juan and Pablo Mestres, joined later by Marcus Jeffrey (uk) and Mon Valdés (Spain). Bringing forth forward pushing sonic weavings which are cerebral and yet retain primal groove based rhythms. Live they take vocal manipulation on to a new intricate level with clear mastery of their technology but do not forgo the spontaneous thrashing of guitars and drums like their very lives depend upon it. The Progression of their live show in their 12 short months of existence has been quite phenomenal and their recorded output with producer David Pye (Wild Beasts) and mastering by Bob Weston of Shellac leave in no doubt of their dedication on to a unique cause. Sounding quite unlike anything else Agarimo are set to make audiences both think and dance and prove that progression does not always come at the cost of aggression.



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