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  • SBR049 - LP

Psychedelic vanguards and misfit maestros of Bristol's BLOOM music collective, THE BRACKISH are an audacious all-star assembly of guitarists Luke Cawthra (Phantom Limb – The Naim Label) and Neil Smith (This Is The Kit – Rough Trade), drummer Matt Jones (Zun Zun Egui – Bella Union) and Port Erin bassist, Jacob Tyghe. Their debut album, 2014's Tough Guys (Lava Thief), righteously filled a kaleidoscopic void in instrumental music and along with 2016's follow up album, Liquid Of Choice (Bad Elephant Music), the band gained an infamous reputation for their awe-inspiring live shows across the European and UK art rock scene, including the La Ferme Électrique and ArcTanGent festivals. With their third album Firm But Fair, THE BRACKISH are storming the stage again with a new brew of gracefully strange arrangements and improvised auditory theatre. For their third album, The Brackish took off to a farmhouse in France with a mix of fully written tunes and ideas to jam and develop. The result is their most organic album yet, moving from the title track's dense rhythms to psych workouts Beermoth and Birdman, belligerent funk decaying into noise in Bango's Christmas and ending with the beatific By Monday. "Firm But Fair is the third album by Bristol four-piece The Brackish, but the first I’ve heard. My limited interactions with their other bands, all Avon-based and with origins going back a decade or more, didn’t prime me for liking this as much as I do." - The Quietus "The Brackish play progressive jazzy funky psychedelic playful lengthy heavy challenging yet accessible instrumental post-Zappa music."- Bristol 24/7



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