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  • SBR056 - LP

Throw out your VHS and your K7, forget your attitudes towards the idiots and their moustaches, stop pronouncing the word “cool” at the end of each sentence: the real deal of the year has just arrived! Dr. Chan is preparing to release their new album, Squier (via Stolen Body Records) on October 12th. This will be the best day for all the slackers on the planet since the release of The Big Lebowski. The fact is that too many garage groups feel obliged, after a first album punch, to deliver “the album of maturity” (First album Southside Suicide out on Stolen Body). These second albums are often boring and not very creative. They are there to be seen. Dr. Chan has decided to do the opposite. Not that their first album is particularly the sign of the strength of age, but one thing is certain, this second is even less so. If the energy is better managed, Dr Chan composed this album with a real will of “pop music”, and the pop is the adolescence. Oh, don’t think that Dr. Chan decided to disguise themselves. The group retains its characteristic nonchalance slacker style while also creating a much more engaging style of music that will even get sad girls who still have their braces on to dance…and to accompany them, some skaters came to piss off the world. Meanwhile, other groups are trying to give themselves a gender.



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