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  • SBR060 - LP

On June 2018 Cegvera visited Mexico for the first time and along with Vinnum Sabbathi embarked on a tour across the country which concluded with the recording of this split. “HEX VIII: The Malthusian Spectre” is the fourth entry on the HEX series of short releases from Mexican space doomsters Vinnum Sabbathi; this 13-minute madness was recorded in a single take, with only samples being added later.On this track, the band brings the concept of interplanetary exploration to the table, with the visit of man-made objects to the limits of the Solar System. A short intermission with samples taken from an article of Isaac Asimov serves as transition for both bands and gives the title of this split release: “The Good Earth is Dying”. “The good earth is dying; so, in the name of humanity let us move. Let us make our hard but necessary decisions. Let us do it quickly … let us do it now.” Gerardo moves from drums for Vinnum Sabbathi to guitar for Cegvera for the second half of the split. Assuming that another astronomical object known to harbour life is inhabited by humans, if resource depletion prevails then this astronomical object would face the same consequences as the ones that Earth is facing today because of us. Narrating from the colonization (Arrival/Colonia), then the wasting of resources and overpopulation (Depletion/Overshoot), and finally the consequences that this would create (Collapse/Aftermath ). This release marks a significative change in the sound of Cegvera, as this is the last record where Aaron Scrupps performs on bass, triggering the evolution of the project into a two-piece doom/post-metal band.



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