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  • SBR061 - LP

Dubi Dolczek returns with Part 2 of his space exploration… For a laidback, surreal take on '50's doowop, exotica, 'absurd calyso' and various Earthling musics in between, the Dubi Dolczek band, led by the vocal stylings of Dubi himself, are a unique prospect. Apply some Stasis-Gel and hop aboard for a treat. Their new album 'Dubi In Space Pt2' continues the adventures of these roguish mavericks as they make their way to the Cat's Paw Nebula. Dubi In Space: Part 1 The Emerald Gauntlet opened the doors to the weird and wonderful world of Dubi. With Part 2 we are walked further into the void to forget where you think you are as your mind begins to depressurise and you take your first sip of a Vrendakian Spritzer… We asked Dubi to explain the first single Plasma Cloud to us… “Caught in a power-play between the Galactic Federation and the Uncle-hating Romagonian Emperor, and with a fleet of Deathbot fanatics in the mix, Dubi needs answers. And relatively fast. Can he find a benevolent entity to rival the starsnuffing powers of Tecron...? Far beyond the Outer Rim of the galaxy, in the unfathomable depths of The Great Drift dwells the Master Of The Nebulous Palm. With mighty licks of its tongue it births our stars and holds us steady with a gentle paw. For everything is helix, and spirals into filaments at the Master's will. In this video we see Windel the cat attempt to commune with this great being through a plasma ball, and to seek an audience on Dubi's behalf. Dubi must learn to communicate using only a series of slow blinks...."



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