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  • SBR067 - LP

Os Noctambulos are back with their first album in 3 years! Their last album was the long sold out Stranger. We’ve made 2 very special editions of Silence Kills. Flowers Of Evil edition and Touch The Sun edition. There are just 250 of each edition available. What’s more boring than a band that forever plays the same sound without a hint of ambition to push their sound further, happy to play the same 3-chords for the rest of their dull career? Well, we’ll make sure to ask one of those bands next time they’re in town. Sticking to your roots and a sound is by no mean incompatible with a desire to grow and experiment and mimicry should never trump originality. What am I ramblin’ about? Well, I’m trying to make a point and I think the best way to illustrate that point is to give Os Noctàmbulos’ latest album ‘Silence Kills’ a spin. Despite remaining true to itself and the 60s sound they cherish — their characteristic reverb-drenched surf guitar, psych vibe and haunting vocals are all presents — the band seems eager to develop their sound and widen their influences. This gives this new batch of tunes a sense of freshness while retaining what made the band so unique in the first place. ‘Silence Kills’ shows a band building on its strong foundations to give their listeners something that sounds both familiar and unexpected.



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