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  • SBR065 - LP

SUO is the solo project of Brooklyn-based musician and artist Saara Untracht-Oakner (of BOYTOY). You might know we released BOYTOY’s album Night Leaf in 2018 which went on to sell out during their European tour. The songs on ‘Dancing Spots And Dungeons’ are a collection of various modes and a spectrum of emotions with a strong focus on song-writing and melody. Drawing inspiration from a range of artists including David Byrne, Prince, Lou Reed, The Supremes, Brian Eno, Grace Jones and Patti Smith. SUO creates something reminiscent and familiar, while simultaneously catchy and fresh. Her stage presence blurs the lines of feminine and masculine energy in a post-gender eruption of power, something beyond the constructs of social normality. This project is an amalgamation of more than 15 years of songwriting, 10 years of national and international touring and an insatiable craving for growth, exploration and creation. “Dancing Spots and Dungeons” was recorded in February 2019 at Pump House studio with producer and engineer Kyle Mullarky in Topanga, CA. SUO spent three weeks recording the collection of songs with Mullarky on bass, keys, guitar and percussion. LA’s go-to drummer Nick Murray (Paint, Thee Oh Sees, Sasami, Shannon Lay) played drums. Saara performed all the vocals and played guitar, keys, percussion. The record was mixed by Kyle Mullarky and Joshua Rouah (Kizmit studio, Brooklyn, NY) and mastered by Joshua Rouah. 



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