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  • SAB101 - LP

Longtime Aotearoa / New Zealand producer Kraus has been a fixture in various underground North and South Island circles for twenty years, and his solo music has covered a lot of ground in that time. In recent years he’s shifted focus from guitar-based recordings to synthesis-oriented electronic work, an approach that blooms in full color on Fire! Water! Air! Kraus!, his 19th full-length album and first all-electronic affair. Kraus obsessives will once more revel in the inventive use of melody and texture here, as well as the primitive futurist fusion of eastern / western psychedelia and tonal explorations of electronic pioneers like Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Spiegel, with a dash of exotica for good measure. Fire! Water! Air! Kraus! is a joyful, immersive listen, and Soft Abuse is thrilled to share it with the known universe.


1. Song From A Crystal Cave
2. World 2
3. Crush On Ice
4. Into The Mirror
5. Gunther?s Button
6. Canal Du Midi
7. Trapped On Earth
8. Bank Lady Out Of The Body
9. Same Tears, Different Pillow
10. Mars And Venus United By Love
11. Waterfall Fireball


Longtime Aotearoa / NZ producer?s
immersive electronic album incorporates
eastern/western psychedelica, tonal
explorations, and exotica
? For fans of Suzanne Ciani and Laurie

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