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  • CFUL-0220 - LP

Hailing from Brisbane Australia, Zong are a three-piece instrumental group focused on improvised cosmic jams with emphasized themes of psychedelic states, tribal rituals, gothic horror, alien encounters and medieval fantasy. Tying this all together is the groups explosive, intense and emotional delivery sounding out in the rich, golden, down-tuned and cranked amplifier glory akin to Black Sabbath and Sleep, combined with lounge able neo-psych and stoner melodies and the far out hurtling through space sounds of 70’s Kraut legends Hawkwind and Amon Duul II. Their true uniqueness, however, lies in their ability to blend genres and sonically improvise together making them a most-satisfying heavy tripped-out listen, and a spectacle to behold as a live performance. Zong’s second LP Astral Lore is an exploration of the subconscious experience on the astral plane, overlaid upon the consciousness of space. An oxygenated drift through voids, inhabited landscapes on superimposed worlds and primordial Lovecraftian echoes.



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