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  • KRLP001 - LP

"An Oriental Brit-funk fantasy of psyche-jazz & Nippon Soul" Brand new on Vinyl from our Man in Downtown Kyoto and hot stuff on the Genre Busting scene, Julian Paul Brennan and his "Wamono" offering. Featuring the classic oriental spy-funk of ‘Theme de Koto’ and the in demand Brit-funk sushi-soul 7” vinyl killer ‘Jongara Zeus’ it also includes the Nippon-style Jazz-funk of ‘Koto’s Revenge' amongst other tunes taking you along a Shamisen trip to the hip side of funky fusion. The keyboard gymnast and multi-instrumentalist with his unique koto stylings is now seriously in danger of creating his very own genre with the funky jazz rhythms knitting together with Jules' textured instrumental skits & impressionistic vignettes forming an organic flow that really takes you on that journey through the Worldwide Sound where West truly does go East!" Paul Murphy - Jazz Room Records


Side 1 - 1.Theme de Koto, 2-Dragon Boat Set Sail, 3-Kyoto Moon Dance, 4-Jongara Zeus, 5-Kamakiri

1. Koncoction-K, 2. Star-clutcher 3. Sleep like Flint 4. Paragons of Bliss 5. Koto's Revenge


DJ plays from: Colin Curtis, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Kev Beadle, Harv Nagi, Totally Wired Radio.

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