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  • ITR379 - LP

Garage/punk rock informed by the likes of Iggy, Thunders and late ‘70s punk by former member of A Place To Bury Strangers and The D4. In 2022, Henry Rollins heard an early version of Dion Lunadon’s sophomore album Beyond Everything. He said it sounded like something that should be on In The Red Records. In The Red Records agreed. Now ITR are proud to announce the follow up, Systems Edge. Ten brand new original garage / punk rockers informed by the likes of Iggy, Thunders and late ’70s punk without sounding retro or by-the-numbers. This is seriously great stuff! Born in Auckland, New Zealand and now residing in New York City, Lunadon has played in various bands, most notably The D4 (who released two albums on the legendary Flying Nun label) and A Place To Bury Strangers.


1. Secrets / 2. Nikki / 3. Diamond Sea / 4. I Walk Away / 5. Rocks On / 6. Shockwave / 7. Grind Me Down / 8. Straight Down The Middle / 9. I Don?t Mind / 10. Room With No View


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