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*INSTOCK AND SHIPPING*Shelton San are a three piece noise rock band formed in 2002 from the small Estonian music scene in Tallinn. Though most of their career has been based in Estonia, recent events led to Shelton San working with the UK. On the 1st January 2023, Shelton San were the first Eastern European band to do a session for the BBC in 32 years. This session was by invitation of legendary broadcaster Roger Hill who presented the Popular Music Show for 45 years (which makes him the longest serving broadcaster on UK radio ever). The session was live broadcast directly to the BBC from Estonia. Now, Shelton San have signed a deal with UK based label 9x9 Records to release a limited vinyl only run of “Shelton San Live on the BBC”. Not only is this an incredible opportunity for an Estonian band, this release is a piece of history and a tribute to Roger Hill, who’s show was axed in Spring of 2023. The release features the full session for the BBC, plus 3 additional tracks from the second half of the show which were not broadcast to the BBC. The first single Platonist, released digitally December 1st 2023 (available on all streaming platforms), this will be followed by second single Youth Smiled at Them in mid February, with the full album released on vinyl and digitally on March 8th 2024. If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying Shelton San live and in the flesh, here is the next best thing. Valter Nomm, Andreas Johandi and Raul Ilvest at their peak performance, old and new tunes, showing why 20 years running they are one of the best live acts in Estonia. Shelton San, as well as performing in their home country, have performed in the UK, Germany, Latvia, Finland and Sweden playing with acclaimed artists such as Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall, The Smiths, The Stone Roses), Mastodon, Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo. Their sound could be described as a massive sonic wall, a blend of rationality and irrationality, screeching feedback, dissonant notes, vocals juxtaposed between melodic singing and shouting, combined with rock-solid drum and bass sections, catchy guitar riffs and logical musical progression. Shelton San, elaborate, never sterile, hypnotic but not monotonous, nuanced yet not overwhelming, raw but never sloppy


(A1) Well-Behaved (A2) Shadow Talk (A3) Anchors Aweigh
(A4) Dead Chicks (A5) Youth Smiled at Them (A6) All Love Has Kept
(B1) Anxiety (B2) Platonist (B3) Steptrouble
(B4) Hustle Hutch (B5) Safe Mode


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