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CRYSTAL STILTS started in Brooklyn in 2003 as BRAD HARGETT and JB TOWNSEND. Not really trying to be a "band" they recorded and self-released their single Shattered Shine on their Feathery Tongue label in '04 with friend SEAN MAFUCCI (producer of Gang Gang Dance, Psychic Ills, Kid Congo Powers etc.) Early on the Stilts played randomly in NYC opening for acts like Blood on the Wall, The Broke Revue, Cause Co-motion, and Psychic Ills. With no shortage of lazy Jesus and Mary Chain and Factory records comparisons, (more like VU, Felt, and Blue Orchids) in 2005-06 they continued to play in New York with bands such as the Long Blondes, 1990s and The Monochrome Set and recorded a 4 song EP. KYLE FORRESTER (LADYBUG TRANSISTOR) joined them at gigs playing organ as well. After a brief hiatus to record their back catalogue for upcoming LP (Slumberland) they adopted ANDY ADLER who played bass on Eric Copeland of Black Dice fuzzpop outfit Ninjas) to rock the bass. After opening for the Clean in November, FRANKIE ROSE (VIVIAN GIRLS) waltzed into their life to play the stand-up drums and complete the equation. Compiles their self-titled 12-inch and the Shattered Shine 7-inch. Six tracks. Theres a full length due soon on Slumberland, and apparently some UK dates. Keep em peeled...





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