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CD came out last year, vinyl got delayed, delayed and delayed: now Label is releasing 200 only (yes, two hundred) copies on double 150 gm vinyl, in simple sleeve..they wont hang around, and we are getting 180 of them!! The Boardroom is a group of musicians and producers working around the engineering nucleus of Steve Boardman. Activity is centered around the Boardroom Studio which itself is part of the Rotters Golf Club Studio. Mr Boardman is also manning the desk with Mr Weatherall on re-mixes as well as co-writing and engineering the forthcoming Weatherall album 'A Pox on the Pioneers'. Boardroom members present on this project are as follows: Rad Rice: AKA Radical Majik A DJ and remixer for twenty years, his most recent outing was 'Dubrider' (Klang Elektronik) which appears on Sven Vath's 'Cocoon ? Sound of Ibiza Vol. 8'. James Moss: AKA E.S.C. Mr Moss has DJed, produced and run labels on the UK and international techno scene and represented Roland via live events. Dave Congreve: AKA Conman One time Two Lone Swordsman tour DJ and current resident at Nottingham's Stealth and Dig Your Own Rave in London. Sidney Le Sarge: AKA Le Sarge En Board Dapper man about town and DJ for Lower Than I Can Remember.


1. Spread the Hot Potato / Radical Majik
2. Thru the Chicken Robot Shed / Le Sarge En Board
3. The Legacy / E.S.C.
4. Spread the Hot Potato (Weatherall Remix)
5. Thru the Chicken Robot Shed (Weatherall Remix)
6. The Legacy (Weatherall Remix)
7. Patient Saints (Dave Congreve?s Boardroom Remix) / Two Lone Swordsmen
8. Shack 54 (E.S.C. Remix) / Two Lone Swordsmen



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