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AT LAST! In The Red is proud to announce the release of the new full-length from San Francisco's Fresh and Onlys, Play It Strange. After two albums (on Castle Face and Woodsist, respectively) and too many singles and EPs to count, The Fresh and Onlys deliver their most solid outing yet. Recorded by studio whiz Tim Green during an eight-day session, Play It Strange marks the band's first recording in an actual recording studio. On two-inch analog tape! The results are nothing short of incredible. For those unfamiliar with The Fresh and Onlys, their sound draws from jangly psychedelia, Morricone-style Western twang, dark vibes ? la Bad Seeds / Gun Club, melodic '60s sunshine pop and a hint of garage rock swagger. While this disparate list may look strange on paper, it makes perfect sense when you hear it. Play It Strange is the sound of a band that has ingested a wide range of rock 'n' roll influences from nearly every genre and sub-genre to come up with something fresh and immensely enjoyable. "... shambles barefoot through Summer of Love-style guitar and tambourine jams, strewing lyrical oddities and flower garlands along the path that leads, if not to where Syd Barrett lives, at least to Dan Treacy's neighborhood." -Dusted


1. Summer of Love
2. Waterfall
3. Until the End of Time
4. Tropical Island Suite
5. All Shook Up
6. Be My Hooker
7. Fascinated
8. Plague of Frogs
9. Who Needs a Man
10. Red Light Green Light
11. I?m a Thief


UK PR by Goldstar (Yeasayer / SWANS): Reviews confirmed in MOJO, Uncut.

?[T]he Fresh and Onlys traffic in jangly garage-pop, balancing psychrock
swagger with generous dollops of sweetly cockeyed melody.
Their recordings are lovingly caked with crud, and their jams sometimes
veer perilously close to derailing completely, which might seem
to lump them in with other San Francisco psych revivalists like Thee
Oh Sees and Sic Alps. But the Fresh and Onlys are set apart by an endearingly
fussy devotion to songcraft and an understated and unfakeable
weirdness.? ?Pitchfork

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