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  • AGIT008LP - LP

Long overdue vinyl reissue of the last album from Mugstar, cut /pressed in Germany onto hi quality Audiophile 150gm vinyl, 1000 only being pressed: Mugstar are an instrumental rock band from Liverpool, England influenced by krautrock, 'saucerful...' era Pink Floyd, Neu!, Sonic Youth and Oneida. They have released a number of 7" records including a recent split with Mudhoney and were one of the last bands to have recorded a 'Peel Session' for John Peel. Mugstar maintain a power and heaviness and extending their musical manoeuvres and textures into new territories, the mantra-like effect driven with restraint, atmospheric shifts and verges on enlightenment and dark uneasiness. Mugstar are a total sonic assault on the senses, live shows are filled with black and white images flashed over the stages they play. Mugstar are to release a soundtrack album to the film 'Ad Marginem' and have a number of other releases confirmed through the label mid-late 2011.




Mojo - 'Locked groove psychonauts distil the wordless core of Hawkwind, Neu! and Sonic Youth....'
Rock-A-Rolla - '...about time they receive some well-deserved attention'
Terrascope - 'The British quartet rarely put a foot wrong in my eyes, and Lime, is if anything their strongest yet.'
Roadburn - Album of the Day
Aquarius Records - Record of the Week
Cosmic Lava - 'a truly captivating sonic journey'.
Boomkat - '...continuing their excellent approach to psychedlic rock, propelling them alongside contempories like Bardo Pond, Oneida, and Kinski.'

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