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Mark Sultan, better known as BBQ of one-man band and The King Khan & BBQ Show fame, has been pounding out his own stew of R&B, rockabilly, garage, doo-wop, psychedelia, punk and whatnot since he was a mere child fronting Montreal's Spaceshits. Releasing a slew of albums and touring relentlessly, Sultan has established quite a reputation as a songsmith and vocalist of the highest caliber. Recently he went into the studio and ended up more than two albums' worth of material. After trying to whittle it down to one LP, In The Red decided to simply release it all (well, most of it, anyway). Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want is two separate vinyl LPs and one abridged CD. This material represents Sultan's most adventurous and varied songwriting to date. He ditched his normal stripped-down / lo-fi approach in favor of a more full-bodied sound and replaced his one-man recording technique with a complete band, all to stunning results. Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want features a number of his musician friends; Dan Kroha of The Gories, Erin Wood of The Spits, Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley of the Black Lips, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and King Khan, to name a few, all contributed. It has something for everybody: soul stompers, doo-wop weepers, a dash of hardcore and even an Ultravox cover!


Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want CD:
1. Axis Abraxis 2. Satisfied & Lazy 3. Song in Grey
4. Just Like Before 5. Calloused Hands
6. In Future Worlds 7. Let Me Freeze
8. If I Had a Polaroid 9. Never Coming Home
10. Graveyard Eyes 11. Party Crasher
12. No Worries 13. For Those Who Don?t Exist
Whatever I Want LP:
1. Axis Abraxis 2. Livin? My Life 3. Calloused Hands
4. Graveyard Eyes 5. Quit the Human Race
6. Just for a Moment 7. No Worries 8. Song in Grey
9. If I Had a Polaroid 10. Blood on Your Hands
11. Just Like Before 12. Repulse Me Baby
13. I Turned Them All Down 14. Never Coming Home
Whenever I Want LP:
1. Keep ?Em Satisfied Pt. 1 2. In Future Worlds
3. Satisfied & Lazy 4. Pancakes 5. Party Crasher
6. Not Another Day 7. See Them Wave Goodbye
8. Keep ?Em Satisfied Pt. 2 9. Let Me Freeze
10. Apophis to the Slaughter 11. Sweeter Than Wine
12. For Those Who Don?t Exist



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