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  • BRR266 - LP

"Andrew Liles is one of the UK's finest experimental/avant garde artists, not only performing in Nurse With Wound and Current 93, but releasing a huge catalogue of solo material on some of the worlds finest experimental labels. So it's with great honour that Blackest Rainbow releases Andrew's latest LP, 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)', a new instalment in his MONSTER series of releases. As with all the recordings in the MONSTER series Liles takes us off on another wild and unpredictable tangent. 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)' is primarily a narrative piece, arguably a recording much in the vein of a 'radio play' mixed with 'cool' jazz which has all been blended together with an intoxicating cocktail of surrealism and avant garde scrapes, groans and studio wizardry. The story narrated by two Americans (artist Alex Jako and Nurse With Wound member M.S. Waldron) talk us through a bizarre tale of a young lady who has stolen a huge sum of cash from Murgatroyd, a local mobster. She is trying to escape but Murgatroyd and his gang are hunting her down. This all sounds fairly standard fodder for a film noir tale but the twist is the language. The words used are entirely Yorkshire and Lancashire slang and dialect. Most people south of Nottingham will struggle to understand the words used and the wider world will be more than slightly dumbfounded. 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)' is a very unusual recording, both ridiculous and intelligent, unpredictable yet clich?d. It is another valuable addition to the Liles canon that is testament to his indomitable desire to create new and very different music. Limited to 220 copies released for Record Store Day 2013. Pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl with full colour sleeves. "





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