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  • RS001 - LP

Roaring South is a compilation of punk/hardcore/rock and indie music from the south of England focusing on Plymouth and the South West. Each album cover and accompanying A2 poster is individually hand cut from linoleum, printed and numbered. The package also includes a lyric booklet with illustrations for each band.! ! The bands featuring on the album are - USA Nails, Silent Front, Milk Teeth, Woahnows, Head Of Programmes, Crows-An-Wra, The Jerks, Brunel, The Blowouts, Patrons, Boxkite and Guns Under The Table.! ! The album showcases a variety of styles and influences in punk and alternative music in the local scenes of the south of England. From the abrasive and heavy to the melodic and catchy, visually and musically it exhibits a diverse range of punk and D.I.Y culture.! ! A number of the tracks are exclusive to the album as well as some of them being previously unavailable on vinyl. The release is strictly limited to 250 and is a vinyl only release. 



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