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  • SBR101 - LP

The first compilation release from Stolen Body Records in the form of a limited edition colour in colour vinyl. Featuring some of the best new bands from the UK, France and the USA. This is a journey through the newest garage n psych that Stolen Body has been listening to. Some has been released but most of it is brand new and limited to this record! Like Nuggets did in the past we are trying to document the amazing amount of garage n psych that is spilling out at the moment and give people the chance to discover new sounds from around the globe. This is the first in what we hope to be a long line of compilations. It was first intended for a release on Record Store Day 2014 but was late in getting to press and so we held it back. We have a release party lined up with 4 of the bands on the comp on the 27th of September in Paris


Side A
1. Heaters - Draggin Feet (3.02)
2. Heaters - Titanaboa (3.01)
3. Taos Humm - Road To RC (4.09)
4. Taos Humm - Flutesong (4.29)
5. Pain Dimension - Seven Finger Hand (4.20)
6. Pain Dimension - Sick Eyes (4.08)
Side B
1. Dusty Mush - Frozen Cave (2.36)
2. Dusty Mush - El Chupacabra (2.36)
3. Factotum - Bone marrow (1.50)
4. Factotum - Buy The Ticket (3.04)
5. Travel Check - 66$ (1.58)
6. Travel Check - Druggy Daddy (2.59)
7. Os Noctambulos - I Can't Do It (3.07)
8. Os Noctambulos - I Arrived (2.01)


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