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  • ITR267 - 7"

The dudes in the Meatbodies and Wand are buddies who go way back. Wand front man Cory Hanson and main Meatbodie Chad Ubovich have been friends since childhood and still remain musical allies. Cory sometimes fills in on lead guitar in the Meatbodies and both guys play together in Mikal Cronin's touring band. Both of their bands have full lengths coming out on In The Red soon! With all of that said, it only made sense to do a split single with the two. As a testimony to the musical psychic connection these sonic brothers have, when faced with the task to come up with a new song for this split on the quick they both wrote songs about the “void” without any knowledge of what the other was doing. The Meatbodies urge you to feed it while Wand wish to be taken back to it. Both sound like an excellent idea. Into the void – now!



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