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  • SBR016 - LP

Stolen Body’s compilation serires Vegetarain Meat is back once again. Two tracks each from 7 artists. This time moving the boat a little futher out and touching on psych jazz all the way to psychedelic folk, While touching on a wider spectrum of sounds the compilation still sticks to its routes with some of the best current garage rock coming out. Vegetarian Meat 2 also works as a showcase for things to come on Stolen Body Records. Most of the artists featured have something lined up with the label for 2015. Most of the songs have never previously been released and are exclusives for the comp. As per the first release it will come out on a colour in colour 12”vinyl. Limied to 250. Press for Veg Meat 1 “A prime pick of cuts from the often confusing landscape of garage punk and psychedelic rock”. - Crack Magazine “A killer list of bands”. - Styrofoam Drone "Vegetarian Meat one brings forth some of the best contemporary underground bands from the UK, France and the US, and I tell you it’s a powerful package of proteines we’ve got on this plate!" - Sly Vinyl


1. The Bad Joke That Ended Well - Death Bivouac
2. The Bad Joke That Ended Well - Is It Day Then Night?
3. Druggy Pizza - Like Pigs In A Slot
4. Druggy Pizza - I Wanna Eat Until Im Dead
5. Haunted Leather - Phazed
6. Haunted Leather - Wastin Tim
Side 2
1. Edward Penfold - Sunny Day
2. Edward Penfold - Lawrence Of Arabica
3. Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali - Gave My Heart Away (Hey!)
4. Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali - Hollow Bones
5. Dirty Heels - Flamingo Baby
6. Dirty Heels - Nine Lives
7. E B U - Keep Hold The Ocean Soun


"Stolen Body Records have been churning out consistently solid records for quite
some time now. If you haven't gotten the chance to familiarize yourself with their
offerings, their Vegetarian Meat compilation is a perfect introduction". - Pitchfork Shake Appeal

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