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REPRESSED AND AVAILABLE ON VINYL FOR FIRST TIME IN AGES!! The COUNTRY TEASERS are best known for their stunning output on the Crypt and Fat Possum labels. How a band of Scots and Londoners crazily influenced by the likes of The Fall, Joy Division, Devo, Bauhaus, hip hop and country & western music wound up recording for labels best known for American rootsy-down-home-style output is anyone's guess. But here they are again with their most expansive and eclectic endeavor to date. Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire collects obscure singles, demos, outtakes and home recordings spanning the band's seven-year existence. 'Teasers front man Ben Wallers painstakingly pored through nearly twenty hours of material to find the best forty selections for the vinyl, and twenty for the CD, the concept being that each set of ten tracks represents a complete album. All together: "huh?" Wallers insists the double-vinyl set is actually four albums—pressed in an edition of one-thousand in a beautiful color gatefold jacket, by the way—and the compact disc, with twenty tracks extracted from that collection, is actually two albums. Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire offers the broadest range of the Country Teasers' styles, from the most savagely raw post-punk stomps to experimental electronic blow-outs. This collection is absolute proof that the Country Teasers are one of the most original bands around today. * Popular group with previous releases on Crypt and Fat Possum * Brilliant (and until now) underappreciated band


1 Compressor
2 Getaway
3 Some Hole
4 Im a New Person Maam
5 499
6 Mollusc in Country
7 Happy Feet
8 No Limits
9 Hat on the Bed
10 Secrets in Welsh
11 Adam Wakes Up
12 Loose Tongues Get into Tight Places
13 After One Thing
14 Treble Life No 2
15 The Last Bridge of Spencer Smith
16 Cant Sing
17 We Had To Tear This Motherfucker Up
18 Only Whittlin
19 Postman Pak and His Lazy Black White Cunts
20 Tough Luck on Jock


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