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The husband-and-wife songwriting talents of Jeffrey Clarke (Demon’s Claws, Hellshovel) and Emily Frances give one the feeling that Milk Lines have been commissioned by time itself to build a dream-like bridge, so that reality might have the chance at a glimpse… Their wide range of influences and unique brand of music are organic, primitive yet thoughtful. The lo-fi, trippy and sometimes country-laced tunes display a fresh and original sound. After having played a few select events in the Montreal- Toronto area, Milk Lines were noticed by Toronto’s Fucked Up and asked to record their first and only release to date, the Crystal Crown single. The band has since been tapped by The King Khan & BBQ Show to support them on two of their US tours. In The Red is now proud to announce the release of the band’s debut full-length, Ceramic


1. Planes of Neptune
2. Pellucidar
3. Golden Torpedo
4. Lucille
5. Suicide Note
6. Purgatory
7. Crib Death
8. Can I Stand In Your Sun
9. Came From Her
10. Crystal Crown
11. Another Breed
12. Planes of Neptune


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