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Third Man Records is proud to present a truly rare musical oddity—a two disc collection of primal and unhinged Greek village music that at times sounds more like free jazz or doom folk, feral and trance-like as it is. After years of research, fieldwork and collecting, Christopher King—Grammy-winning producer, sound-engineer, curator and writer—has gathered together from his private 78 rpm archive the most mind expanding and libido inducing song and dance music from the rural hinterlands of mainland Greece and its islands. Recorded between 1907 and 1960, this collection contains the first and the last—the alpha and the omega—of Greek demotika—or folk music. And it is not what you would expect. Remastered from the original 78 rpm discs, this set contains 28 previously unissued recordings made in the cramped, primitive studios of Athens, Greece, New York, NY, and Chicago, IL. Crazed Macedonian bagpipes, keening violins, shiver-inducing zournas and shepherd-pipes are found throughout the two discs. Cover artwork is by legendary underground artist R. Crumb and designed by Grammy winning Susan Archie. A beautifully thought-provoking if not radical essay on this music by King accompanies the lavish package. Not simply for historians or collectors of long gone sounds, this compilation is intended to push the limits of what we have come to expect of music, its purpose and indeed its origin. You will experience a profound musical transformation immediately upon listening. •Produced by Christopher King who has been profiled recently in the New York Times Magazine, Oxford American Magazine, and on NPR.


Side A
1. Kalamatianos (Dance of Kalamata)- K. Bournelis, F. Tsilikos, Christos Kantilas
2. Sousta Rethymniotiki (Sousta Dance of Rethymno)- G. Canteris & G. Gombakis
3. Giati Ine Mavra Ta Vouna (Why the Mountains Are Black)- J. Lengas, J. Patsios, G. Kokotis
4. Ousak Tsiftelli (Tsiftelli Rhythm Dance in Ousak Mode)- Athanasios Lavidas
5. Enas Aetos (An Eagle)- Diamadidis
6. Mirologi-Epirotiko Makedoniko (An Epirotic-Macedonian Lament)- Elias Karathimos
7. Makedoniko Hasapiko (Hasapikos Dance of Macedonia)- Efthimios Christou
Side B
8. Selfos (Nightingale)- Demitrios Halkias
9. Enas Aetos-Tsamiko (An Eagle ? Dance)- Tchousi, Damalas & Company
10. E Triantafylllia (The Rose Tree)- Alexis Zoubas, C. Papagikas
11. Pera Ston Pera Maxala (Over to the Other Neighborhood)- Christos Daralas & Nikos Karakostas
12. Syrtos Haniotikos (Syrtos Dance from Hania)- Nikos Harhalis & Mavrodimitris
13. Syrtos Politikos (Dance from Constantinople)- Kyr. Keravnos & Michalis Giasemidis
14. Kalymnikos Issos (Dance from Kalymnos)- S. Zembillas & I. Mailles
Side C
15. Arvanitiko O Aetos (An Eagle, Arvanitiko Style)- K. Bournelis, F. Tsilikos, Christos Kantilas
16. Svarniara (Reckless Woman)- Christos Daralas & Nikos Karakostas
17. Kalamatianos (Dance of Kalamata)- Panagiotis Kokontinis & Harabalos Kavakos
18. Platanos (Plane Tree)- Athanasios Lavidas
19. Golfo (A Ballad)- Anonymous
20. Patinada Tis Nifis (Wedding Dance)- Georgios Zisis & Athanasios Kolisaras
21. Pousteno, Boufiou (Loose Dance)- Efthimios Christou
Side D
22. Karagouna, Gianniotiko (Karagouna Dance, Ioannina-style) Vasilis Vasiliou with demotic orchestra
23. Kotta Mou (My Chicken)- Antonios Sakelarou
24. Syrtos Politikos (Dance from Constantinople)- Christos Baniakas
25. Eseis Padia Vlahopoila (You Young Vlach Children)- Christos Baniakas
26. Kritiki Sousta (Fast Dance from Crete)- A. Karavitis & G. Marianos
27. Tzarama (Shepherd Flute Song)- Nikos Karakostas & M. Kallergis
28. Kalymniki Sousta (Dance from Kalymnos)- S. Zeimbillas & I. Mailles


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