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  • ITR21361 - 7"

RSD 2017 - STILL AVAILABLE!!! In The Red and 2.13.61 are proud to announce this co-release for Record Store Day 2017! Pure Hell – The 1975 Acetate Side A - Wild One Side B - Courageous Cat Recorded at Magnagraphics Enterprise Studio NYC 1975 Kenny "Stinker" Gordon - Vocals + bass on Wild One Michael "Spider" Sanders - Percussion. Preston "Chipper" Morris - Guitars Lenny "Steal" Boles - Bass These tracks are two of six that were recorded in the session. The other titles are Pretty Poison, I'm Crawling, Rot in the Doghouse and Cosmic Love. The session was cut onto three two song acetates, in the A and B side order above. This single is the audio carefully transferred from the actual acetate, the only one we have been able to find so far. I have loved this band for nearly 40 years. The chance to team up with Kenny, Larry and Mike to bring this to you is beyond exciting. Long live Pure Hell. – Henry Rollins At the time we were unaware that a whole new trend to be coined 'Punk Rock' would evolve as it did. I'm amazed that this acetate resurfaced after being lost along with the other two, and that Henry, and Larry at In The Red Records would be the ones to illuminate it in the 21st century! - Kenny Gordon 



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