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  • AMP119V - LP

Ample Play would like to introduce The Soap Opera. Always the different kids of Western France, comprising of members of Sudden Death of Stars and the Spadassins, they consist of a cape crusading poet, a secondhand bookseller, a bespectacled engineer and a level-headed drummer. The result is great indie pop reminiscent of Arthur Lee's Love of the 1960s and the C86 sound of the 80s, with touches of the Brazilian Tropical in places. The band have known each other as friends for years, hanging out at the same gigs for years and dealing with each other’s eccentricities. Here the 11 tracks fall into place, sometimes almost quaint, always poetic, slightly sad, yet moving forward and uplifting. Here is a group who aren’t afraid to make a hip shaking pop song either. With a cult following on the continent, they have played all the venues from alleyways in Bordeaux to theatres in Strasbourg. They cross the Channel for their first UK show at The Windmill on 2/11/2017 and interviews. A tour will follow in early 2018.



Debut UK gig: The Windmill Brixton 2/11/2017

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