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LTD - 'S/T'

  • ITR315 - LP

What happens when you put King Khan and Sean Wood from The Spits together? The results are Louder Than Death aka LTD. This 12-inch is the first collaboration between the two titans of garage-punk and the results are as bonkers as you’d hope. Sci-fi inspired punk meets weirdo synth damage that’s as deranged and dumb as you’d hope. Since the recording of this debut release the band have added Aggy and Looch from the Magnetix to the line up and recorded an album (out later this year on In The Red) of blistering, whacked-out punk rock that is guaranteed to blow minds. Watch for the band on tour!


1. ABC?s (In Old Berlin)
2. Gesichter Der Jesus Liebe
3. Play Safe
4. Broken Heart
5. New Stains
6. Half A Dick
6. Ethereal Venereal Girl
7. Danse (Don?t Jump)


New band featuring King Khan and Sean
Wood from The Spits!

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