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Obscure Black 50’s rock’n’roll Various -available on LP and CD with bonus tracks The first volume in an ongoing series devoted to uncovering lost black rock’n’rolltreasures of the late 50’s and early 60’s Inspired by the cross-over success of artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry, many black artists revved up their R&B sound and produced some of the most gloriously manic, unrefined musical gems of the late 50s. Black Rock & Roll is a series that collects these classic recordings together for the first time. Screaming Raw Genius!


Killer Diller
Jimmy Breedlove
Rock'n'Roll Boogie
Jo JoWilliams
Wild Cherry
Leroy Washington
Rock'n'Roll Jungle
Joe Benson
Contract Of Love
Cliff Chambers
Make Me Dance Little Ant
Joe Hughes
Uncle John
Al Calloway
Rock And Roll Is In My Soul
Chuck Grey
Miss Ann
Dick Barron and the Jumping Jacks
Cool It
Flash Terry
Cottonhead Joe
Leon Peels
Money, Money, Money
Freddie Carpenter
Hello Little Girl
Lloyd Price
Little Miss Muffet
Chuck Mann
Wear Your Black Dress
Willie Egans
She's So Divine
Little Jerry Williams
CD Bonus Tracks
Shake Baby, Shake
Champion Jack Dupree
Look Out Mabel
G.L. Crockett
Miss Shake It
Ba BaThomas
Down On The Farm
Big Al Downing


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